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    TFCompanion is a powerful and user friendly software application for thin film analysis and metrology.It combines versatile analytical tools for interpretation of measurement data – to determine actual physical parameters of a filmstack (like thicknesses of the layers and optical properties of the materials).
    Analyze Reflectance, transmittance, ellipsometry spectra together or separately. Supports analysis of Imaging ellipsometry, reflectance, transmittance data.
    Determine filmstack parameters based on measurement results: thickness, optical constants, surface roughness, bandgap…
    Simulate reflectance/transmittance/ellipsometry spectra from a specified filmstack, determine measurement sensitivity to filmstack parameters
    Estimate measurement repeatability based on selected filmstack and system configuration. Pre-flight optimization of measurement recipe for maximum precision.
    Includes Large materials library(500+ materials), supports large number of parametrized material types from Cauchy to Tauc-Lorentz to Drude approximations to represent optical constants dispersion for a wide variety of materials and enable n&k measurement.
    Imports measurement data in any text format, specifically supports import from all major ellipsometer/reflectomer instruments
    Integrates with many commercial fiberoptics spectrometers for smooth data acquisition and data analysis

    TFCompanion  supports simulation and sensitivity analysis to understand better the effect of  filmstack changes on measured data. It gives the ability to estimate measurement/calculation errors, create and optimize measurement recipes and mitigate tradeoffs between measurement accuracy and thruput.  TFCompanion is integrated with our MProbe system and it is also used as a standalone software for data analysis.  You can even build your own system using commercial spectrometers supported by TFCompanion and various available accessories.  Unlike most of software packages that supplied with the instruments, TFCompanion  can be used to import data from other instruments. There are several version of TFCompanion that include a range of capabilities – please check the brochure.  If you have several instruments e.g. spectral reflectometer and ellipsometer  – data from both instruments can be imported in TFCompanion and analyzed. There is no needs to learn several software packages and data can be easily shared or combined data.