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    Control and Analysis Software

    Image Engineering has developed specialized software to control our devices. We use graphical user interfaces to efficiently analyze images including raw files and videos. The generated results can be used to calibrate cameras or to optimize their performance.

    For automated systems and system integration, most of our software is available as API (Application Programming Interface) solutions. We also always ensure that our software programs are based on international standards when applicable.

    Test Charts

    Image Engineering produces more than 280 different test charts in various sizes for a multitude of imaging devices. This includes applications such as photography, mobile imaging, video and broadcasting including HDTV, 4k and 8k, automotive imaging, surveillance, medical imaging and more.

    Our charts can measure resolution, color, geometric structures, signal analysis and tonal ranges, many of which are based on international standards. If you can’t find the right chart, we can work with you to create a custom-designed chart(s) to fit your needs.

    Test Equipment

    Image Engineering manufactures an extensive range of image quality test equipment. Included are devices to illuminate charts, test image stabilizers, mount test charts and cameras, gather timing data and much more. Almost all of the tools can be used for automated testing and programmed with our control software.

    In addition, a spectrally tunable LED based light source with 20 channels has been developed to not only more accurately illuminate test charts and scenes, but also to calibrate cameras.

    Image Testing Solutions

    One of the unique qualities of Image Engineering is our ability to offer a complete test lab set up for testing image quality. Our Starter Kits are designed so you can quickly set up a test lab to test and analyze the image quality of an individual application such as automotive, cell phone or security. For a more advanced solution that can be used to test multiple application areas, we have designed the Turnkey Solutions, which provide everything you need for a full functioning image test lab. All solutions are based on a modular system and can be modified to fit your needs.