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    4 Billion Pixels of User-Friendly Stitching Power

    topoStitch™ offers the easiest and most accurate way to stitch topographic or greyscale images from SPM’s, Profilers, Interferometers, Confocal Microscopes or any other instrument type.

    All images are placed automatically according to stage position coordinates when stored in the image files. Otherwise, the Grid Layout Wizard helps you lay out your images in seconds.

    topoStitch™ even offers advanced snapping and semi transparent rendering, which makes it easy for you to place and adjust images manually.

    The advanced stitching engine in topoStitch™ allows you to create perfect and seamless stitches. Sub-pixel correlation algorithms increase your productivity by automatically offsetting, tilting, and aligning your images with 5 degrees of freedom during stitching.

    Advanced memory handling and performance optimization allow you to stitch hundreds and even thousands of 3D and greyscale images into one stitched image with more than 4 billion pixels.

    topoStitch™ supports 100+ file formats. For multi channel images, you can choose only to load a single channel for each image.