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    LED Optics Designer

    LED Optics Designer is a software for computation and simulation of LED secondary optics. It was developed by our R&D team which members have been working in the field of nonimaging optics since 2004.

    The distinctive features of LED Optics Designer are

    • implemented analytical methods allowing to compute the shape of optical element in few seconds;
    • for lighting problems with axial symmetry the optical element will be computed automatically – you just define the light source and the target light distribution;
    • powerful optimization tool for definition of optical surfaces parameters and improvment of the light efficiency, quality of generated irradiance distribution;
    • quick raytracing algorithms (e.g., tracing of a hundred thousand rays takes about one second);
    • set of supported standard solutions of LED optics (TIR-optics, optical elements with free-form surfaces etc.);
    • intellectual wizard for project creation that analyses the problem and suggests the appropriate designs of LED optics.