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    Introducing Manta Systems NanoPlex™

    Manta Systems is a leading company in the field of electrical signals management. Manta Systems mostly awarded line of products is NanoPlex™ Series of Universal ISP Relay Demultiplexers.

    NanoPlex is used on manufacturing lines of electronics boards, where a high number of ISP channels is required.

    Typical application

    • PCBAs production lines
    • ATE-controlled ISP programming
    • Hi-number of paneled PCBAs requiring ISP Programming

    General characteristics

    • Part of Manta Systems’ acclaimed NanoPlex Series of Relay Demultiplexers
    • Ultra-small size, only 51.0 x 66.5 mm
    • Designed for piggyback mounting, takes easly place in your Test Fixture
    • NanoPlex is universal and compatible with all types of ISP-Programming tools


    • Very simple implementation of ISP programming to panels of PCBAs.
    • Multiply the number of your ISP-Programmer channels for sequential device programming.
    • Provides galvanic isolation of your ISP programmer to target boards.
    • Ready to use Relays Demultiplexers save days/weeks of your workmanship when creating home-made systems.
    • Higher reliability, no need to wait long time in case of system fault.

    General Description

    NPS-06-01-04A Universal ISP Relay Demultiplexer allows you to multiply the number of channels of your ISP-Programmer by a factor of four with a galvanic isolation.

    The number of signals of any relays-switched channel is six. You can address one of the four channels by using A1, A0 input control signals.

    ENA is also present and allows you to un-connect all relays-switched channels from you target PCBA.