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    Phyton offers specialized production gang programmers: CPI2-Gx for in-system programming and ChipProg-G41 for parallel in-socket programming. In addition, all single-channel Phyton device programmers can be used in gang mode, i.e. multiple single-channel programmers can be joined into a programming cluster controlled by the same computer




    The CPI2-Gx series gang programmers based on CPI2-GM1 programming modules provide very fast and truly independent performance on multiple-board panels.




    Multiple CPI2-B1 programmers controlled by a single computer can form a gang programming system with up to 72 programmers.




    The ChipProg-G41 parallel device programmer enables concurrent in-socket programming of up to four devices. About 500 different Phyton socket adapters are available.

    Multiple ChipProg-481ChipProg-48ChipProg-40 or ChipProg-ISP single-site device programmers of the same type can be connected in a programming cluster controlled by single computer.