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    High Integration Performance

    Fast and Reliable for the Industrial Environment.
    Designed in Cooperation with ICT Automatic Test Equipments Specialists.


    • The “FR Designed for A.T.E.” serie, are the specific products to be used with test systems ICT. The FlashRunner technology of these products can be easily integrated into the production line and makes flexible the application with maximum guarantee of result. SMH Technologies provide for your flash solutions.
      You can choose an option that works best for you based on the programming speed, specifications, prices, supported devices and protocols. Programming and testing can be combined into a single phase, to save time and money.
    • FR3070A is a programming system designed for Keysight (Agilent) Medalist i3070 utility card. This module allows integrating In-System Programming with high-speed architecture inside the i3070 or 3070 testhead. Up to three FR3070A can be fitted in the utility card. This feature enables the FR3070A with Keysight Medalist i3070 ICT to perform higher speed flash programming at the ICT station in the printed circuit board assembly manufacturing line.
    • FR01AT0 is a programming system dedicated for Automatic Test Equipment A.T.E. This programmer made from FR01ENG added new hardware features such as galvanic isolation to prevent any damages in the ISP I/O. Innovative Power Voltage Monitoring to check the programming process.
    • FR01SPE0 Similar to FR01AT0, specific and dedicated to SPEA Automatic Test Equipment A.T.E.

    Hardware Features

    • Power supply input 9 to 24V DC (12V DC for FR3070A);
    • Five digital I/O lines;
    • Two digital I/O or analog output lines;
    • wo programmable output voltages (0 to 15V, 0.25A and 0 to 5V, 0.5A);
    • One programmable clock output;
    • Secure Digital memory card (up to 2 GB);
    • I/O protection;
    • Optoisolated parallel control lines (n/a for FR3070A);
    • Optoisolated RS-232/Ethernet channels (n/a for FR3070A);
    • Galvanic isolation (n/a for FR3070A);
    • Power Voltage Monitoring (n/a for FR3070A);
    • FlashRunner’s open architecture makes its firmware easily upgradeable to support new features.

    Software Features

    • Each programmer can receive and execute commands in two ways:
    • Host connection;
    • Via “scripts” stored in its Micro SD card.
    • DLL for FR3070A software integration
    • FR3070A programming algorithms are fully upgradeable.
    • ASCII-based commands used to control and setup.

    In-System Programmer for Keysight Technologies 3070 Utility Card

    In-System Programmer for SPEA Automatic Test Equipments

    In-System Generic Programmer A.T.E. oriented