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    Your software for efficient and accurate image processing

    SPIP™ is an advanced software package for processing and analyzing microscopy images at nano- and microscale.

    Today’s research and development are dependent on advanced microscopy instrumentation and analysis,particularly in semiconductors, nanomaterials science, industrial R&D and life sciences.

    SPIP™ provides industrial and academic researchers with an advanced toolkit for working with microscope images, incl.extracting data from most microscopy file types, cleaning and enhancing data, analyzing measurements,visualizing and reporting analysis results.

    Professional Usage

    Leading research institutes and high-tech companies worldwide use SPIP™ for their image processing applications.

    The software is used for research and innovation in a variety of industries such as pharmaceutical, cosmetics,semiconductors, hard disk manufacturing, polymer and aluminium manufacturing.

    Furthermore, SPIP™ is widely recognized as the standard software for research and education at leading universities, and has been cited in more than 1200 scientific publications.


    Quick & Efficient
    Fast delivery of compelling visuals, and customized automation tools for reporting results
    Easy to Use
    Intuitive user interface with examples, video tutorials and Help-function.
    Reads most microscope file formats, and therefore serves as an analytical platform for laboratories with various types of microscopes.
    Covers all image correction and analysis needs with unrivaled detail and accuracy.
    Our dedicated software development and technical support team has nonstop focus on enabling users to process data in the best possible way.

    Wide range of applications

     SPIP™ supports many microscope types including scanning probe micro-scopes (SPM, AFM, STM, SNOM, etc.), electron microscopes (SEM, TEM),interference microscopes, confocal microscopes, optical microscopes, and profilers along with their file formats. Whether you are an expert user or new to the field of image processing, SPIP™ lets you produce the results you need with just a few mouse clicks.

    SEM  Images

    SEM images

    Force maps and IV Curves

    Force Maps and IV Curves

    SPM / AFM Images

    SPM / AFM Images