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    Project-96 is a tool set that includes hardware and software tools for developing applications based on the 80196 microcontrollers under control of one integrated development environment (IDE). You can select only those tools that you need and order the Project-96 configuration that fits your needs and your budget.

    A full tool set includes the MCA-96 macro assembler, MCC-96 C compiler, PDS-96 software debugger/simulator and PICE-196 in-circuit emulator integrated under control of the Project-96 IDE. Phyton is an one-stop-tool-shop for the 80C196 users!

    PICE-196 emulator is a modular tool than can be configured by distinct main boards, daughter modules and mechanical adapters to support different 80C196 derivatives in different packages.

    PDS-96 accurately simulates KB, KC and KD derivatives and provides only instruction-set simulation for other 16-bit 80196 derivatives

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    Check if Phyton has an emulator for your 80196 device and request a quote

    Phyton has been producing and selling 80196 in-circuit emulators for more than 20 years and keep selling them nowadays. To check if our emulator supports your target device and would like to get a quote, please email your inquiry to info@phyton.com. Your request should include the following information about the target device and your development environment:

    • Silicon manufacturer: Intel or Aeroflex (UTMC);
    • Device part number (for example: 80C196KD, 80C196KR, etc.);
    • Mechanical chip package (for example: PLCC 68-pin, etc.);
    • Whether your target board has an external memory;
    • If you need Phyton MCC-96 C compiler and/or PDS-96 software simulator.

    We will be sure to respond to your request promptly.